Travel and the Increasing Reliance on Technology

As someone who has spent many years traveling all over the world, I have long been accustomed to thoroughly planning trips well in advance. Preparing in this way has helped me determine how to maximize my time by prioritizing destinations and activities, and it has likewise been helpful in allowing me to recognize the obstacles I might encounter along the way. Since my friends all refer to me as “Jody Rookstool, World Conquerer,” I am often asked to help others plan out their travels as well. While I certainly enjoy offering my assistance, I find myself increasingly concerned over how technologically reliant travelers have become.

Obviously, technological advancements have made traveling so much easier for many, many reasons. This is true when traveling at home and abroad, and it is rarely the case that drivers are pulling over to unfold unwieldy maps or to ask for directions and advice. It is quite convenient to just pull out a phone, open an application and allow technology to do the work.

In most instances, relying on technology in this way is perfectly acceptable, but my concern stems from the lack of prior planning. We are not always able to count on technology to be available whenever we need it, and travelers who forgo planning in favor of just figuring it out along the way will likely find themselves wasting time while trying to decide where to go and what to do. It may seem silly or even antiquated to create a loose itinerary for a vacation, but a little planning can go a long way.