Travel Profile: David R. Gray Jr.

A frequent world traveler who has spent extensive time traversing each of the Scandinavian countries, David R. Gray has returned to the southern part of Norway on several occasions and intends on returning there again in the near future. While David has expressed a clear fondness for the culture and the people of Scandinavia, he has certainly not limited his travels to Northern Europe and has indicated a desire to continue to explore a variety of unfamiliar locales all across the globe.

During David’s first trip to Northern Europe, he spent time staying in hotels, hostels and as a guest with several local families, a travel plan that allowed him to socialize in a variety of unique settings. Given his frequent return trips, it is clear that David found the south of Norway particularly appealing in spite of the difficult winter conditions that are relatively common to the area. Of course, David has also enjoyed trips to Sweden and Denmark over the years and has even developed a conversational understanding of Danish and Swedish in addition to his fluency in Norwegian.

In addition to his frequent travels to Northern Europe, David has also spent a lot of time in Australia and New Zealand. After business brought him to Auckland several years ago, David made a point to travel back for a personal trip for a more in-depth exploration of both New Zealand and Australia. Fascinated by the unique wildlife in both countries, David identified the Great Barrier Reef and the Sydney Opera House as the highlights of his trip and even intends to give surfing another try the next time he visits Bondi Beach.