Saleh Stevens

Saleh Stevens is a cryptocurrency expert that currently works as an online writer. After completing numerous blogs that relate to the topic of blockchain technology, he has built a noticeable fan base consisting of people who read his articles for education purposes. Besides the latest trends that are surrounding things like Bitcoin or Etherium, Saleh Stevens is also well versed in the area of Javascript and web development for business startups. Such versatility has helped him create a large portfolio of investments that have yielded an amazing return. Nowadays, he is one of the fiercest proponents of the bold innovation that has taken over the IT sector.


I enjoy learning about people and their cultures. I visited a few European countries where traditions are a lot different than anything that you may have been exposed to in the United States. For example, did you know that families throughout Europe have no unwritten rules that tell children to leave home at the age of 18 and pursue a college education? Still, most young adults are very familiar with the principles of business and even things like cryptocurrency! It is almost counterintuitive that someone without any higher education in Europe could talk with me about blockchain technology as if it was a simplistic idea.


It is a hobby. I started traveling when I was in my twenties. Back then, people were curious to experience and seize the world. Business trips were not as common as the whole concept of globalization, and international partnerships did not come around until later. Now, you can hardly find a passenger on a plane who is going somewhere for the pure joy and spontaneity of such an endeavor.


As of right now, I do not. The key concept of my travels is to make them unexpected. When I went overseas last year, my entire trip was planned in one day after seeing an in advertisement online. Although many will disagree, I think that extensive planning ruins the concept of trips for leisure.


Do not bring your phone, computer, tablet, or anything more modern than a pencil. I still remember a few trips of mine that were completely ruined by the countless calls and e-mails I had to respond to. Don’t get me wrong, being unavailable to all your friends, business associates, and family is not the answer. However, you should make it known that you have a very limited access to technology and that you have no intention of working while enjoying your travel.


Believe it or not, some of the places on my bucket list are right here in the United States. I have yet to go to certain parts of California. Although I visited many cities where cryptocurrency was booming, I never went to Oakland, San Diego, or even Sacramento. Also, I think it is just a matter of time before I decide to take an entire month and go all over the beautiful state of Texas. It wasn’t until recently that I realized how enormous the Lone Star state truly was. Having already been to Dallas and Houston, I cannot wait to tour other places on such a huge yet welcoming territory. As far as international trips, I have been learning Italian recently so that I can visit Rome one day.


Going to France again would certainly be nice. In my case, although it does contradict the whole idea of being spontaneous a little, seeing the Eiffel Tower could probably never get old. I mean, have you ever taken a picture from the height of a 1,000 feet? Trust me, it is amazing.


I do. I guess I have still not found the perfect travel buddy. In the past, most of the trips that involved additional people had issues that were not anticipated. When I go by myself, on the other hand, everything tends to go exactly like I want it to. Maybe my expectations are just not as high as those of people I used to travel with.


New York City, Paris, and London. These three parallel each other perfectly. Also, they are some of the most visited places around the globe for a reason. They all have so many different attractions that it is virtually impossible to list them all.


I travel very light. In fact, you will probably never see me check luggage at the airport. Most of my things can fit in a decent-sized bag that I can carry on the plane. Given that I avoid packing a ton of gadgets, the contents of my bag are usually broken down into clothes and personal hygiene items. No need to waste energy carrying twenty bags, right?