John Pryor

John Pryor RKS Trav

John Pryor, rugby expert and strength and conditioning coordinator of the Japan Rugby Football Union, is a leading authority on the subjects of biomechanics, exercise physiology, sports nutrition, injury prevention and operant conditioning. In addition to his work training the elite athletes of Japan’s national rugby team, Pryor also serves as director of JointAction, a company dedicated to improving occupational health and wellness through the prevention of common musculoskeletal injuries.

Given his role with the Japan Rugby Football Union, international travel is incredibly common for Pryor. Since joining the national team as its strength and conditioning coordinator in 2012, Pryor has traveled frequently from his home in Australia to work with the team in Tokyo, Japan, not to mention all of the time spent abroad during international competition. In 2015, Pryor traveled to England for the Rugby World Cup, where the Japan Rugby Football Union’s victory over the South African team during the opening weekend of competition is considered one of the greatest upsets in the history of the Rugby World Cup.

While his exploits in training elite athletes at the international level have brought him a great deal of notoriety, his work with JointAction has been every bit as impressive. Through the application of his extensive research in biomechanics, Pryor has developed educational materials for workers to utilize with the goal of reducing the incidence of musculoskeletal injury. Pryor has created diverse programs uniquely suited to all manner of workers across a wide range of industries, drastically improving health outcomes due to the specificity of his approach.

Pryor graduated from Southern Cross University with a master’s degree in biomechanics, and detailed research and analysis has remained an integral component of his approach to all of his professional endeavors. With both JointAction and the Japan Rugby Football Union, Pryor has always sought out new methods and advancements to improve the results his athletes are able to achieve.

1. What is your favorite thing about traveling?

I’ve found that each location provides an opportunity for you to learn something new about yourself.

2. Is traveling a hobby or a lifestyle for you? How did you get started?

It’s a lifestyle, but it certainly feels like more of a recreational pursuit at times. I got started with traveling due to my involvement with athletics, and I’m absolutely grateful for the opportunity sport has provided me.

3. What is the most beautiful place you’ve been to?

Tokyo is a truly magnificent city, but I also became enamored with England during the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

4. Do you have any exciting travel dates planned for the future?

In 2019, Japan is hosting the Rugby World Cup, and that is going to be quite an exciting time for us.

5. What are some travel tips you’d give to someone inexperienced?

Always block off some extra time if you are traveling someplace on business, otherwise you might not get the opportunity to really experience the location if work gets in the way.

6. Where would you like to go?

I’d really like to spend an extended period of time in the Patagonia region.

7. Where would you like to revisit?

I’ve been to Dublin a few times before and would enjoy taking a return trip some time in the future.

8. Do you travel alone? Why?

Most of my travel is done with a relatively sizable group of rugby players and members of the coaching and training staff, so when I am not traveling with the team I do enjoy traveling alone from time to time.

9. If you could pick the top 3 places every person should go, what would they be?

Tokyo, Japan; Dublin, Ireland; London, England.

10. Do you travel light or do you pack up the house?

While I travel light when I can, most of the time I have to pack up quite a bit since most of my travel involves a lengthy stay.