Hiking on Vacation Requires Proper Footwear

17_HikingThere are a great deal of travelers who find themselves taking long hikes while on vacation despite not really being used to this sort of activity. While it is certainly not ideal to go on a two- or three-hour hike when you haven’t been on a long hike in several years, many vacationers compound the mistake by wearing the improper footwear while doing so. Even if you are just doing some urban hiking through the city of San Francisco, California and its many inclines or even the relatively flat streets of Washington, DC, the proper footwear is of extreme importance to ensuring that your vacation is not ruined by an easily avoidable foot injury.

According to Dr. Andrew Carver, a podiatrist, there are far too many people who make easily avoidable hiking-related mistakes while on vacation. Trying to do more than you are used to is enough for you to ultimately require a visit to a podiatry clinic, but trying to do it while wearing shoes that are not designed for hiking makes an injury even more likely. The foot doctor points out that while it is possible to enjoy an injury-free hike while wearing a pair of sneakers, it is much less likely in a pair of sandals or some other inappropriate footwear choice. There is a reason that most serious hikers wear hiking boots on every hike they venture out on, and even the less rigorous hiking trails feature elements that make specialized footwear an intelligent choice.

Nobody wants to be laid up with an injury while on vacation, so Dr. Carver suggests reading up on the various reviews of any potential hiking trail to see if it will require specialty footwear. Even if it doesn’t require specific hiking boots, it is always best for you to just pack a pair of boots in case the need ultimately arises. If you do not have boots or they are not available, then you should at least make sure that you are wearing athletic sneakers and not a pair of sandals or a type of shoe that is clearly not appropriate for a lengthy hike outdoors. Abiding by these simple hiking guidelines should prove helpful if you wish to avoid dealing with foot pain or a foot injury during your vacation.