About me—Jody Rookstool

Recently I have been approached by customers who are curious to know more about me. I thought about what details about who I am that I could give to make myself and my business seem more personal to my customers and thought I’d just start at the basics. If you’d want to know more, feel free to ask any questions.

Just in case anyone doesn’t already know, my name is Jody Rookstool and I come from the never-ending land (no joke) of Texas. Currently, I reside in beautiful Utah with a family of my own. I don’t know a stranger and I suppose my range of interest and topics I enjoy talking about are to thank for that.

I have always had big dreams and wanted to accomplish so much in life, such as travel, start my own blog, build my own business. If I were to summarize life in a few words, I’d say that life really is what you make of it. Life will give you what you put into it, but it will also give you what you deserve.