Dymphna Boholt

Dymphna Boholt RKSTrav

Learning the value of investing at a very early age while working on a cattle station in Central Queensland, Dymphna Boholt has come a long way since the days when a single cow was her sole asset. Ms. Boholt — then just four years old — began building an asset portfolio by breeding her cow with other cattle until she had a herd of her own. Cashing on her investment, Ms. Boholt reinvested her earnings in education, using the profits from her herd to finance her accounting and economics degrees from Canberra University.

Ms. Boholt’s academic success led to ample professional opportunities, including an offer to join Coopers & Lybrand, one of the most prominent accountancy firms in all of Australia and indeed all of the world. Ms. Boholt accepted the offer and moved to Sydney, ultimately gaining professional experience in a wide range of industries that include finance, mining, liquor, and stockbroking. While Ms. Boholt naturally excelled in each of her roles, she eventually decided to pursue an entrepreneurial endeavor, founding Active Financial Answers, an accountancy practice that she ran until making the decision to pursue even greater prosperity through property investing.

After conducting a great deal of research on real estate and property investing, Ms. Boholt found inspiration from Dr. Dolf de Roos, a property investment expert known the world over for his exceptional approach to investing. Following a single year in which Ms. Boholt built an international property investment portfolio worth $3.5 million with $1.5 million in equity, Ms. Boholt was featured in Dr. de Roos’ popular book, “Secrets of Property Millionaires Exposed,” which ultimately led to Ms. Boholt’s next professional endeavor.

Having enjoyed immense success as a property investor, Ms. Boholt founded I Love Real Estate with the goal of sharing her vast property investment expertise with others looking to build a real estate property investment portfolio of their own. She has also written several books on a number of relevant subjects, including “Protect Your Assets.”

1. What is your favorite thing about traveling?

Traveling reminds me how important it is to make sure you have time that is all your own so you can explore new places and visit friends and family wherever they may be.

2. Is traveling a hobby or a lifestyle for you? How did you get started?

It’s probably most accurate to say that traveling falls somewhere in the middle of hobby and lifestyle, and I first got the travel bug after traveling to — and then living in — downtown Bangkok for a spell.

3. What is the most beautiful place you’ve been to?

Aside from my home on the Sunshine Coast of Australia, Tanzania is the most beautiful place I have ever been to.

4. Do you have any exciting travel dates planned for the future?

My family and I still have to nail down our plans, but we have discussed going to Bali, Hawaii or Madagascar.

5. What are some travel tips you’d give to someone inexperienced?

Take the time to really research potential locations before making a final decision so you can plan accordingly and feel comfortable in a place that might otherwise feel unfamiliar.

6. Where would you like to go?

I’m hoping that our next trip is to Hawaii, but I’m leaving the final decision up to the rest of the family.

7. Where would you like to revisit?

I’d like to go back to Bangkok, if only to visit some of the close friends I made during my time living there.

8. Do you travel alone? Why?

There was a time when I preferred to travel alone, but I love having my family with me wherever we happen to go.

9. If you could pick the top 3 places every person should go, what would they be?

East Africa is beautiful if you don’t mind a bit of rugged travel, and I would add Hawaii and Bali to the top three without hesitation.

10. Do you travel light or do you pack up the house?

I habitually over-pack, even while consciously trying to pack nothing but necessities.