Dr. Sid Solomon

Dr Sid Solomon RKSTravDr. Sid Solomon, dentist, educator and inventor, is the founder of the Center for Cosmetic, Implant & Neuromuscular Dentistry, a Los Angeles-area practice known for its innovative treatment methods and its exceptionally lofty standards for dental care. Founded in 1986 by Dr. Sid Solomon, Los Angeles patients in need of the advanced dental care provided by the Center for Cosmetic, Implant and Neuromuscular Dentistry have benefited tremendously from the multiple locations that have since been established throughout the area by Dr. Solomon.

In Dr. Sid Solomon, West Hills residents — as well as those residing throughout the entirety of the Greater Los Angeles area and beyond — have recognized the rarity of such accessibility to a professional who has long been hailed as an innovator in his field and is truly dedicated to relieving the physical and emotional pain experienced by patients due to a whole host of issues. A dentist of unparalleled expertise, Dr. Sid Solomon, DDS, has accomplished a great deal throughout his professional career and has been lauded for his continual advocacy regarding the need to create and pursue continuing education efforts and to move the field of dentistry ever forward through the use of innovative measures.

After completing his undergraduate degree at UCLA, Dr. Sid Solomon earned his doctorate from the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry and officially began what can easily be described as an illustrious 30-year career in cosmetic and neuromuscular dentistry. During those three decades of practice, not only has Dr. Solomon treated countless patients in need of dental care, but he has also invented Unitox, founded Solomon Consulting and served as an associate clinical professor at the UCLA School of Dentistry. Dr. Solomon has also demonstrated his own dedication to continuing education, as he has completed a number of advanced classes over the years, including Advanced Function Aesthetics, Full Mouth Reconstruction, and Practical Occlusion for the Progressive Practice, among many others.


What is your favorite thing about traveling?


Traveling is a great vehicle for spending time with my family, which is obviously very important to me.


Is traveling a hobby or a lifestyle for you? How did you get started?


I’d consider it a hobby, though I’m looking forward to it becoming more of a lifestyle in the future since it is something I have always found both inspiring and relaxing.


What is the most beautiful place you’ve been to?


The mountains, beaches and coral reefs of Bali are simply magnificent.


Do you have any exciting travel dates planned for the future?


My family and I are planning on sitting down together in order to choose a destination for our next vacation, but I have yet to be disappointed in any place we have visited.


What are some travel tips you’d give to someone inexperienced?


No matter where you are, waking up early ensures you avoid any crowds and that you don’t feel rushed to squeeze activities in.


Where would you like to go?


I’d like to take an extended trip to South Africa, but my schedule is not usually conducive to lengthy trips away from Los Angeles.


Where would you like to revisit?


I think my family and I will be going back to Bali very soon.


Do you travel alone? Why?


No, I love having my family with me whenever I travel.


If you could pick the top 3 places every person should go, what would they be?


I’d pick Big Sur, Bali, and Rome.


Do you travel light or do you pack up the house?


We tend to pack up quite a bit when we travel, but it’s usually a manageable amount.