Danny Loschiavo

The co-founder of BoldLeads, Danny Loschiavo became one of the country’s most successful young entrepreneurs by applying his unique skill set to an issue that had been plaguing real estate agents for quite some time. Recognizing that real estate agents spent far too much time pursuing leads of relatively questionable quality, Mr. Loschiavo developed BoldLeads with the goal of creating a means through which agents could build a self-replenishing pipeline of future clients while spending far less time doing so. It is for this reason that BoldLeads reviews its automated system with regularity to ensure its continued efficacy in securing high-quality leads for real estate agents, thereby allowing agents to focus on serving clients rather than securing them.

Mr. Loschiavo first became cognizant of this problem after observing his mother, Christine, struggle to expand her database of clients despite the overwhelming success she had achieved as a realtor. After several discussions regarding the manner in which she and most other real estate agents pursued and secured future client leads, Mr. Loschiavo recognized that there was a clear opportunity to streamline this process through the creation of a system that incorporated many different aspects of marketing, automation and CRM. That system ultimately became BoldLeads, with real estate agents all over the country now benefiting from the remarkable efficiency made possible through the platform created by Mr. Loschiavo.

The BoldLeads platform was not Mr. Loschiavo’s first foray into the world of real estate or entrepreneurship in general. As an undergraduate at Arizona State University, Mr. Loschiavo oversaw several entrepreneurial endeavors involving real estate while pursuing the degrees in business and global studies he would ultimately earn. Since graduating from ASU and co-founding BoldLeads, Mr. Loschiavo has been repeatedly recognized for his accomplishments and has been named among the “Top 35 Entrepreneurs Under 35.”

What is your favorite thing about traveling?

There is something about traveling that just stokes my creative fires, and some of my best ideas have come to me while traveling.

Is traveling a hobby or a lifestyle for you? How did you get started?

It’s a hobby at this point, but I hope it will become more of a lifestyle in the near future. I’ve always been interested in traveling and had the opportunity to travel extensively while enrolled in the global studies program at ASU.

What is the most beautiful place you’ve been to?

Auckland, New Zealand.

Do you have any exciting travel dates planned for the future?

I’m hoping to do an extended trip throughout Europe soon, but I want to be sure I have plenty of time to really enjoy my stay.

What are some travel tips you’d give to someone inexperienced?

I’m all about efficiency when I travel, so I like to take a lot of time to plan a trip in advance to make sure I get the most out of the time I spend traveling.

Where would you like to go?

I’d like to spend some time traveling on the Amazon River if possible.

Where would you like to revisit?

I had a wonderful time in New Zealand and Australia, and if it weren’t for the length of the plane ride I’d have already visited again.

Do you travel alone? Why?

It doesn’t matter much to me, but I have met some very interesting people while traveling alone.

If you could pick the top 3 places every person should go, what would they be?

1. Auckland, New Zealand

2. Rome, Italy

3. Lyon, France

Do you travel light or do you pack up the house?

I try to always travel with nothing more than a small carry-on bag.